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Lift Africa uniquely positions itself as a social enterprise with a double-pronged mission of improving the health and wellness of the African diaspora in the United States, as well as strategically investing in the infrastructure of Africa. Our company seeks to unite the African diaspora by leveraging a holistic approach to everyday wellness, as well as pursuing social responsibility in our motherland. Lift Africa bridges the gap between public health and infrastructural development by providing clients with the opportunity to actively pursue their wellness goals while addressing infrastructural challenges in Africa.


2nd Annual Lift Africa Basketball Tournament!

Lift Africa presents our 2nd annual Basketball Tournament! Our aim is to effectively allow you to workout, play, etc. with the perspective of knowing that you are giving back! Part of the proceeds of this event will go towards building the infrastructure in Africa (Roads, Buildings, Libraries &

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Afro Circuit Energy

Join Lift Africa for our dynamic and specially developed circuit training fitness experience! AfroCircuit Energy is a full-body workout that energizes you through targeted exercises and Afrobeat-inspired movements and rhythms. Fitness class experiences are intended for individuals of all fitness lev


Fitness Experiences

Lift Africa currently provides full-body workout experiences which later will be developed into services with a holistic approach to wellness, that will include nutritional and mental health counseling. Our fitness experiences are led by certified trainers and our wellness services will be delivered by licensed professionals. All services, while open to all, are catered to individuals of the African diaspora.

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