Fitness Classes

Welcome to our fitness classes offering page. Down below you will find a complete schedule of all the fitness classes we have for the month. We offer a wide range of classes including Combo Bootcamp, Zumba, Yoga, Sports Conditioning, and more! The schedule is split into weekly allotments. In order to see more classes just click the “More Classes” button at the end of the schedule. On the right are useful filter options to navigate the schedule even easier. Join a Class today!

Fitness Classes - COMING SOON!!!

Lift Africa Run Club

Lift Africa presents our bi-weekly running club! (2 miles run + Workout Routine)

“Lift Africa’s mission is to help every man and woman reach their fitness goals and encourage a healthy lifestyle that will not only impact them personally but their efforts, will make an impact globally. So essentially, the more people work out the more they’re helping give to the cause of promoting a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally and even spiritually. We believe that when individuals run together, jump together, and do pushups together they are helping support organizations doing work to make Africa self-sustainable. Remember that it is always better to Lift Together”