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Lift Africa uniquely positions itself as a social enterprise with a double-pronged mission of improving the health and wellness of the African diaspora in the United States, as well as strategically investing in the infrastructure of Africa. Our company seeks to unite the African diaspora by leveraging a holistic approach to everyday wellness, as well as pursuing social responsibility in our motherland. Lift Africa bridges the gap between public health and infrastructural development by providing clients with the opportunity to actively pursue their wellness goals while addressing infrastructural challenges in Africa.


Afro Circuit Energy

A new fitness experience coming March 9th that couples high energy, full body workouts, a certified trainer, and your favorite afrobeats jams. Come pursue your health and wellness goals while giving b

Lift Africa Run Club

Lift Africa Run Club will be starting up again for 2019! Please stay tuned for dates and locations to be released soon! Get ready to burn off those few extra pounds for that summer beach body you've a

Lift Africa Spring Basketball Tournament

Coming off great success of our 1st Annual Lift Africa Basketball tournament, Lift Africa is bring it back! Lift Africa will be having a Spring Basketball Tournment in the near future! Please stay tu


Fitness Experiences

Lift Africa currently provides full-body workout experiences which later will be developed into services with a holistic approach to wellness, that will include nutritional and mental health counseling. Our fitness experiences are led by certified trainers and our wellness services will be delivered by licensed professionals. All services, while open to all, are catered to individuals of the African diaspora.

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Fitness Classes

Lift Africa Fitness Training programs aim to provide professional guidance at the pace necessary for the client to improve their health, accountablility to maximize results, and involvement rather than using a teaching approach that enables the client to take ownership of their health progress.


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