About Us

Who We Are

Lift Africa Nation is a health and wellness organization based in Silver Spring, MD for the African diaspora, as well as all walks of life. We seek to help improve our client’s overall understanding of health management.

What We Do

Lift Africa’s hosts several fitness focused events each month, we partner with certified nutritionists and work alongside mental health practitioners to help lead you to a healthier lifestyle. Through your hard work and participation, a portion of the proceeds are sent to empower organizations and causes that help build the infrastructure of Africa and beyond!

Why We're Doing This

We are here to change the current health standards that exist in the African community. We believe in “Holistic health care” which is an integrated approach to health management that treats the whole person (body, mind, spirit and emotions). We believe that through health care we can change the world and build the infrastructure of African countries. Join us on our journey!

Lift Africa, LLC