Lift Africa seeks to provide nutritional support and programs for clients who seek to learn how to cook healthly recipes and look to maintain, lose, or gain weight. This service will be provided by certified nutritionists, dieticians, and cooking experts that already provide such services to people.

Lift Africa Fitness Training programs aim to provide professional guidance at the pace necessary for the client to improve their health, accountablility to maximize results, and involvement rather than using a teaching approach that enables the client to take ownership of their health progress.

Mental Wellness

Lift Africa looks to partner with several doctors, therapists, mental wellness advocates that will take part in providing services for clients at a low-cost. These services consist of utilizing trained professionals to help clients deal with depression, anger, family abuse, substance abuse, etc.

Run Club

Our mission is to help clients/members/friends/family to maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle through running.

This program will support clients who seek to:

  •  Improve their overall health and lifestyle
  • Manage chronic conditions, or deal with unexpected health issues, and
  • Improve their overall understanding of health management.